Dive Center in Tenerife

Are you looking for a diving center in Tenerife? Why choose Tenerife Dive Experience ? You will wonder … What makes this diving center different from the many offers you can find throughout this beautiful island?

The best of diving in Tenerife

In our center you will find a unique diving experience because we offer you quality and professionalism without sacrificing safety or mutual trust. And this is not all!
We can guarantee that the material you will use during the activity will be in perfect condition and will have been renewed to offer you only the best.

Whether you are already a qualified diver or simply have spent some time thinking about trying to dive and discover that hidden world to most … nothing better than doing it in waters with as much biodiversity as Tenerife’s! Turttles, rays, morains,  angel sharks….

Undoubtedly, it will be hard for you to find dives with as much wildlife as in the sea beds of the Canary Islands. Small paradises in which not only live a multitude of species but also is a transit zone or migration for many others. Who does not want to spend a vacation in such a place?

The Atlantic Ocean offers us here one of its best faces. In other words, the visibility it provides is only possible on islands far from any continental shelf with a tropical temperature like the one that prevails in the Canary Islands.

Also, you will not be limited by the geographical location of our diving school. The reason? Well, you will always have the opportunity to organize a diving tour around the island.

On the other hand, you will not only enjoy a diving center in Tenerife South. In Tenerife Dive Experience we also offer accommodation, airport pick-up and transport during the activity.

Do not worry and enjoy an integral diving experience on your next visit to Tenerife! Yes, with all the security and comfort you deserve!

A new world is waiting for you.

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  • Obispo sobrevolando Jardineras
  • Obispo nadando con roncadores
  • Helice de Barranco seco
  • El interior del puente de tabaiba
  • Elegancia submarina