Profesional diving instructors in Tenerife

About us...

Professional diving instructors

All the instructors of this diving school in Tenerife are professionals of the underwater universe because they love what they doy.

We all share the desire to transmit the passion for the seabed to all those who decide to visit us.

That´s why we like to organize tours and diving trips both throughout the island and in international destinations. Without unnecessary haste but without pause.

Always with the intention of converting our new divers into friends and companions of adventures.

For this reason, in Tenerife Dive Experience we choose the dive spots conscientiously. Depending on the preferences, special needs, experience and comfort of the divers who will join us on our underwater expeditions. Whouldn´t you like to be the next one?

In addition, we will pick you up at the hotel or apartment you have chosen. We will take you all over the island without restrictions. With a program that includes the most emblematic dives of the island.

However, this does not avoid us from combining security, friendliness and fun in equal parts.

That is why we can say that we take care of everything. So that, you do not have to worry about anything. Specially in your holidays!

To sum up, this is how we are in Tenerife Dive Experience … Do you want to know us?


In our dive center a fundamental rule: dive respecting the marine environment of Tenerife and favoring as much as possible the conservation, protection and sustainable recovery of their habitats as well as the marine species that have the privilege of contemplating in freedom.

From Tenerife Dive Experience we want to promote a safe, responsible and aware diving that allows us to continue enjoying this luxury for many years more.

How to achieve it?

As an ecological and safe diving center, we must:
  • To promote tourism tourism fully aware of the growing dangers to which underwater ecosystems are currently resolved.
  • To promote the dissemination and dissemination of protection measures and the value of the biodiversity of the flora. and marine fauna.
  • Do everything possible for the sensitivity and raise awareness among divers and students who come to us about the reasons why we should take care of the marine environment. Reminding our customers of the techniques and resources we have to avoid the damage that underwater inhabitants produce.
  • Be consistent with the level of experience of the divers and the dives that will be offered.
As a diver, we´ll help you to:
  • Choose those diving centers that follow the protocols of conscious diving and stay alert to what we do not do.
  • Contemplate buoyancy and take advantage to limit contact with the environment to the minimum.
  • To learn as much as possible about the marine environment and the species that live in it. It should not be taken into account that there is no factor for them.
  • The environment is not included and the waste is removed with the same piece.
  • No type of marine organism is touched, collected or given.

This is the philosophy we follow and we try to transmit in Tenerife Diving experience, because we know that the best diving experience will always be the one that allows us to continue diving for many years.

So… if you are trying to find professional diving instructors in Tenerife South you can stop looking for.



Experienced diving instructor with a lot of experience in the training of new divers, with more than 300 courses taught…


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