Diving Courses and Specialty Programs SSI

Are you looking for the best diving courses and specialty programs for you? The SSI training that will get you where you want to go?

Do you want to become a qualified diver?

Would you like to do your first diving course or expand your limits with specialty courses?

Would you like to continue with your training and become an instructor of such a rewarding activity?

We are an approved dive center to teach all levels of training in diving by SSI (Scuba Schools International) certification, recognized in all corners of the planet.

In Tenerife Dive Experience we offer all the diving courses, since those programs created for begginers (Scuba Diver Recognition, Open Water Course) to courses designed to become one of the best diving professionals (Dive Guide, Dive Master, Open Water Instructor…).

In addition to it, we can teach you all the secrets of technical diving if you feel ready enough to go deeper than 40 meters down and lengthen the dives as long as you want.