Trydives for beginners

The first thing we offer you in our dive center in Tenerife South are the baptisms at sea. More specifically in the Atlantic Ocean that waters the waters of the Canary Islands.

Learn how to breathe underwater and discover a new world that you can not imagine full of wild life that you will not find on the surface. Your first contact with the underwater world with an instructor qualified to your complete disposition.

You don´t need any previous experience.

We will offer you a detailed explanation of each step to follow.

Diving with our instructor you will notice that we are worried about you. How? Paying attention to the little details like that we´ll take the  time necessary to make you feel comfortable and relaxed before starting the activity and we will help you to achieve it.

But that’s not all. Our instructors will also teach you how to interact in a respectful way with the friendly marine environment.

This is the only way in wich you will enjoy your experience to the maximum, which is our highest priority.

Would you like to learn how to breathe under water?

If you do not have experience but you are passionate about the sea, a trydive is exactly what you need.

You will enjoy an unforgettable experience!

In addition, if you choose to do your first test with Tenerife Dive Experience you will have:

  • Personal instructor –  one instructor per person Close and personalized drive
  • Fun in a safe and controlled environment
  • Equipment in perfect condition
  • Transportation included
  • Videos & pictures of the activity
  • 2 hours of guaranteed fun
  • 40 – 45 minutes of immersion

Who knows? Perhaps this trydive is what you need to find out a new world at your fingertips.

Do not let them tell you, or maybe you know someone who you know would really like to try what it means to dive.

Can you think of a more original gift to share this first time?

Ask us about our offers and availability.