Snorkeling trips with turtles

If you are interested in taking a trip from the surface of some of the most beautiful coasts of Tenerife, here you have the opportunity. As dive professionals on the island of Tenerife, we know your funds perfectly. There are many places where you can have fun with the tube and the mask.

The clarity of the Atlantic Ocean is visible only in islands like this one. From coast or from boat, every day we present different outputs so that you can enjoy when you agree.And if you need it, we can also offer you the actual snorkel course.

So you can learn to practice correctly and get the most out of your experience. And now we can also offer snorkeling tours with turtles!

Freediving around Tenerife

Do you want to become an advanced freediver? We have the best apnea experts!

Qualified instructors to offer you training and guided with the highest possible quality. They will teach you how to hold your breath for as long as possible or how to lower it deeper if it is what you want.

Because there are many types of techniques and you just have to find the one that most adapt to your interests. Contact us and ask for our availability so you do not run out of your seat. We wait for you in Tenerife Dive Experience!