Diving Tours

If you want to enjoy the best diving experience in Tenerife you have found a center that can offer you everything.

Do you know what makes us special? That we organize diving tours throughout the island!

We do not limit ourselves to a single zone, we move along all its coasts to offer you the best in each moment. In this way, not only are we not limited by the climatic conditions, but we do not oblige you to repeat any immersion (unless you ask expressly do so).

The waters of the Atlantic shine for its biodiversity.

You can find all kinds of fauna and flora in them and especially if you do not limit yourself to diving only in one face or another. But, perhaps, one of the most interesting features of this island is the surprising and varied amount of landscapes it presents.

A whole spectacle for the view to which you will not have to renounce for staying in a distant municipality.

We organize outings every day of the week, in the morning or in the afternoon, always adapting to your needs as much as possible. we can take you to the best nocturnal dives of all Tenerife, including them in the planning of your trip.

Because if you contract with Tenerife Dive Experience you will have all your trip organized.

We can also manage your accommodation for what we have different modalities (shared apartment, private apartment, hotel …)

We take care of everything, transport by land or by sea , to guide the dives and make sure you enjoy every moment. Of course, the bottle and the ballast are included but, if you need to rent equipment or you are interested in buying your own, in our diving center you will find the best quality.

We check periodically the state and functioning of all the material we have. We have the best prices for sale to the public and we can advise you on the different models so that you always choose the best.

Do you want to enjoy a vacation without having to worry about anything? Have a center where facilities and equipment have been designed for you?